Extricating Trump from Oval Office

Joe Mcfatter
3 min readSep 7, 2020

He will not leave. He will not leave the Oval Office if he loses fairly, squarely. He will not leave if he loses marginally, but legally by all accounts. He will stay if he wins, and he will try to stay if he loses, regardless.

Then what? This is a question we have never seen the likes of in the history of the Nation. Nancy Pelosi has said perhaps he might have to be “fumigated” out. Frankly as ridiculous as that sounds, it may not be far from the truth.

Trump has several reasons to stay at all cost — in his mind. One is his past business “shenanigans,” and no doubt there are other victims waiting to get at him, including women. He and his businesses are probably the most litigious and sued in American history:

It may pan out that his deeds have serious attached penalties, including incarceration. Trump is no doubt trying to let the statues of limitation clocks run out on these — 5 to 7 years. If he wins, he probably will win large as to escaping the wrath of law on these accounts. These could lead to a collapse of whatever is his real worth (as opposed to the wealth he claims), including that of his family who are likely wrapped up into his and their own operations. His image as a market maker and “winner” also would be besmirched, although no doubt being the twister he is, he would find ways to leverage even this and turn it into some new fake success story in the eyes of many. Here is the present situation of Orange Man:

So I go back to the main issue of this article, and that is “how tha fuck do we get him out of the White House if he loses”?

Well, I don’t think anyone has a solid solution, at least I have heard of none? Have you, if so please share in comments!

Without a doubt even if somehow we get past all the challenges and lawsuits he will be throwing up — in fact this is already well underway in his attempts to suppress voter turnout of Dems — with his radical, right wing, fascist and white suppremacists gun-slingers, not to mention the HUGE QAnon crowds on the internet, backed by Putin, just who will drag him out of the White House. He will sit there and glare and continue to dare and tweet in glee.

Any attempts to physically remove him could very well meet with mass riots and armed resistance by his followers in those cities around the country where he holds sway. Picture also a new version of the KKK march in August, 1925, when some 25,000 robed and hooded kluxers marched down Pennsylvania Avenue. This time we could see 100K carrying guns, surrounding the White House and shutting down the Federal areas of DC. I am very serious here.


Our current military leader has stated recently he sees no role for the military in the change in presidential office:

This is good, right? But what if the scenario I presented above comes to pass, then who will extricate Trump? I have no answer, other than that for four more years we would be witnessing the collapse of this Nation. Is Trump the first of dictators yet to come?

God save us from Trump.